Company Assignment

Graduating: a company assignment through HAS Training and consultancy

Fourth-year HAS University of Applied Sciences students carry out a final project in the business world within the framework of completing their studies under professional supervision of HAS Training and consultancy. In the case of final projects HAS University of Applied Sciences follows a clear philosophy: students have to show that they are worth their diploma within a result-oriented environment. Project approach, objectives and results are laid down in a contract between HAS Training and consultancy and the customer. Thanks to this formula businesses profit from a multidisciplinary expertise, broad know-how and enthusiastic young professionals.

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Difference between internship and company assignment


Students actively look for a place to do the internship themselves. They have a home-base at the internship company, here they experience all aspects of the company and at the same time carry out an assignment. Supervision of the student takes place by the internship company. HAS University of Applied Sciences bears no responsibility for the result produced.

Company assignment

The customer pays for the project result and the expertise and time needed for this of one or more advisors. Educational supervision remains a responsibility of HAS University of Applied Sciences and is financed from the education budget (20 hours per student). The project team (students and  HAS experts) works as an external consultant for the customer. The work place depends on the type of activities and can therefore be at the company, at HAS University of Applied Sciences or at a different location.

The company assignment is carried out by a team of mostly two students, where each student contributes his or her expertise, interest and experience. More and more often we have multidisciplinary teams: in that case students from various study programmes, for instance, food technology & food design, environmental technology & business administration, animal husbandry and meat technology are part of the team.