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Professionals in International Business Course  with globe

Check out more information about the programme on the following dates:

Interactive session and discussion about the role of the LTO lobby at EU Brussels.

4th of December 13.00 to 15.00 hr

Guests are Mrs. Iris Bouwers beleidsadviseur internationale zaken LTO Nederland and Mr. Peter Meedendorp stagiair internationale zaken LTO Nederland

LTO is the Dutch Farmers Association. It supports an active lobby at the European union headquarters in Brussels. The lobby defends the interests of the Dutch farmers in cooperation with the other farmers associations in other countries. A small group is permanently stationed in Brussels and they are supported by specialists that operate from the Netherlands on topics as legislation to protect the environment, animal health and many more.

Their main function is to influence the process from the beginning to the end of developing rules and legislation, political choices for farmer support and protect budgets. An enormous task and of vital importance for the Dutch farmers. The challenge is not only to defend your own interests but also to find allies and friends for support and come to the inevitable compromises between e.g. nature and agriculture.

Interactive session and debate about the European Parliament and effects of the Green Deal.

7th of December 15.00 to 17.30 hr

About the policy and consequences of the Green Deal at future legislation and the future economic and agricultural development.

Guests are Mr. Bas Eickhout, Member of the European Parliament and Mr. Olaf Schneider, of the European Parliament communication department.

The presentation and debate will cover themes as the role of the European Parliament; the influence of the Parliament at European Policy; the need for cooperation with other parties and countries and a discussion about the Green Deal and how it will influence life in general but also environment and farming.

HAS University students explain in their own words the working of the European Union

18th of December EU workshops 13:00 to 15:00 hr

Students from HAS University organize their own workshops about the European Union

Feel free to join the workshops and experience how students discuss and present about the European Union and its institutions. What happens here and how does it influence us in daily life, society and business.

Program Manager

Esther Vennekens

Program Manager Business Management in Agriculture and Food


T: +31 (0)88-8903879

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Annette Krug

Coordinator course International Business


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