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Course International Business

Professionals in International Business Course  with globe

Are you curious about what’s going on in the world outside the Netherlands? The Dutch agri-food business is mainly international and over 80 % of Dutch products and services are exported yearly (CBS, 2018). Perhaps you wonder how companies abroad do their business. Or maybe you are interested in the way export is organized, companies communicate and deal with intercultural differences. Take part in the course International Business at HAS University of Applied Sciences! 
This course is part of the RegioDeal Noord Limburg, Theme ‘Talent’ and Fieldlab Cross-border collaboration.

Modular online course

In the course of International Business, you’ll have an introduction by successful consultants, managers and entrepreneurs about export in the broadest sense:

  • Export companies and how they export and compete at many different markets
  • International advisors and how they work and make a living
  • Entrepreneurs who started small and now exploit a medium big international company with branches all over the world.
  • Introduction in the European Union where we meet members of Parliament, lobbyists
  • Hackathon in January, to discover the 7 x24 hour economy by joining it for 24 hours. Will be fun, challenging and learn full

Last but not least, you will widen your perspective and understand a lot more about how the international business world functions and how it is organized. And also how the European Union and the big treaties help to develop a level playing field with respect for nature and people

Business Days

You’ll gain practical and international experience by spending time with different nationalities and getting in touch with real companies at ‘business days’.


There are 10 webinars in total. The online business course starts at friday 20 November 2021 until the end of January. You can view alle webinars, or choose only the webinars that suit you best.

The programme:

  • 27.11.2020: 
    13.00hr Martis van Splunter; 14.00hr Niels Jacobs

  • 04.12.2020:
    13.00 - 15.00hr Interactive session and discussion about the role of the LTO lobby at EU Brussels. Guests are Mrs. Iris Bouwers, policy advisor international affairs, LTO Nederland and Mr. Peter Meedendorp, intern at department international affairs, LTO Nederland.
    Detailed information

  • 07.12.2020:
    15.00 - 17.30hr Debate session EU parliament with Mr. Olaf Schneider and Member of Parliament Bas Eickhout about EU policy and effects of Green Deal at nature management and agriculture. 
    Detailed information

  • 11.12.2020:
    13.00 - 14.00hr Special guest is Mrs. Cissy Schuring, Limburg Paardensport Limburg Equestrian Sport.
    Mrs Schuring is the ambassador of the Limburg Paardensport sector. She will explain about her organization and about the international equestrian world.

  • 18.12.2020:
    11.30 – 13.30hr Participating students organize their own workshops about the European Union. 
    Feel free to join the workshops and experience how students discuss and present about the European Union and its institutions. What happens here and how does it influence us in daily life, society and business.
    Detailed information

  • 07.01.2021 - 08.01.2021:
    Hackathon of Hope.
    Starts Thursday morning 9:00h and finishes Friday morning 9:00h. 
    Follow the sun set and fly with us all around the world. Experience one day out of the 24/7 society. Students will follow the sun set and network with people (from our network) all over the world to discuss personal questions, possibilities for cooperation, business, international minor/internships. 
    More info and programme
    Timetable and links

  • 15.01.2021:
    Course subject follows - Save the date

  • 22.01.2021:
    Course subject follows - Save the date


This course is free of charge.

Fieldlab Cross-border Collaboration

This course is part of 1 of the activities within the RegioDeal Noord Limburg, Theme ‘Talent’ and Fieldlab Cross-border collaboration. The article 'Forse impuls voor een gezond, ondernemend en veilig Noord-Limburg', in Dutch, explains the main goals of Regio Deal Noord Limburg.

Program Manager

Esther Vennekens

Program Manager Business Management in Agriculture and Food


T: +31 (0)88-8903879

Photo Esther Vennekens


Annette Krug

Coordinator course International Business


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