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Basic knowledge soil

Hand plants a seed - Basic knowledge of soil

The soil is very important. It’s the basis for life. Soil consists of several layers with all kinds of animals, but also water, air and minerals for plants. What’s the composition of the soil? And which plants can grow in it? What’s the difference between clay soil and sandy soil? As humans, we live from and on the soil. But our soil is under pressure.

About this course

The e-learning course, 'Basic knowledge of soil' deals with the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. The focus is also on the interaction between participants and tutors regarding its content. This interaction enables participants to process and apply the acquired knowledge more effectively.

What can you expect?

The 5 modules in this English e-learning course each include a brief introduction and various learning tools such as videos, articles and assignments and discussions about the different aspects of soil. You must complete a module before being able to start the next one. During the course you can submit photos and assignments to substantiate your answers. Together with your fellow students and tutors you can discuss the different topics covered and also submit additional questions for more in-depth knowledge. At the end of the course, you will be have gained basic knowledge related to the subject of 'soil'.

Course content per module

  1. Introduction
    • Working in an e-learning environment
    • Introduce yourself and your company/education
    • Your background in soil and why you would like to gain additional knowledge
    • The importance of soil
  2. Physical soil fertility
    • What is physical soil fertility?
    • How can you recognise and assess different soils based on their physical properties
  3. Chemical soil fertility
    • What is chemical soil fertility?
    • The importance of a good pH (acidity)
    • What is organic matter?
    • What are nutrients, and how do you make good use of them?
    • Which cycles are present in the soil?
  4. Organic soil fertility
    • What is organic soil fertility?
    • The importance of soil life
    • Symbiosis
  5. Wrapping up
    • How can you apply the knowledge gained during the previous modules?

Course duration

The total course has 5 modules. The study load per module is approximately 3 hours.

For who?

This course is intended for anyone interested in 'soil knowledge', who wants to gain greater insight into different topics related to the topic of 'soil', for study or work purposes.


This course is at undergraduate bachelor level.


The course is offered completely in English.


After successfully completing all 5 modules, you will receive a certificate of participation for the e-learning course 'Basic knowledge of soil' from HAS University of Applied Sciences.

Follow-up course: Advanced knowledge of soil

After you have succesfully completed the course ' Basic knowledge of soil' you can expand your knowledge with the follow-up course: 'Advanced knowledge of soil'.

If you are interested in both courses, sign up for our 'Advanced knowledge of soil' course. The basic course is included.

Start date

This is an online course. This course is offered continuously.

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