Bright Box Venlo

Research and training centre for Completely Controlled Growing Systems

What are CCGS?

In a ‘Completely Controlled Growing System’ a plant receives exactly what it needs to grow. In a climate-controlled chamber, plants receive only the very best colours and amount of light, day length, temperature, humidity and quantity of CO2, water and nutrients. All in a very precise way fully controlled.

In greenhouses many aspects are already regulated, but these still utilise daylight as much as possible. In a climate-controlled chamber, a plant receives light from LED lamps. Because daylight is not an issue, plants in a climate-controlled chamber van be grown in multiple stacked layers. As a result, the yield per square meter (e.g. the number of heads of lettuce) is much higher. In addition, nearly all plants (e.g. pots of herbs) grow better all year round than in a greenhouse, and the quality is optimal throughout the year.

In a Completely Controlled Growing System weather conditions do not play a part, meaning that growth facilities can be implemented nearly anywhere on the planet.

For more information, visit the website of Philips Horticulture about city farming.

In the Innova Tower in Venlo three large climate-controlled chambers are being built which will allow for the fully controlled cultivation of vegetables and herbs. The CCGS is one of the first facilities for controlled cultivation of this size. This makes the Netherlands a worldwide leader in the development of modern horticulture. The CCGS is being built in the atrium of the Innova Tower and is one of the first companies on the Brightlands Greenport Campus in Venlo.

To find out more about Brightbox, visit their website: BrightBox Venlo.