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Exchange Horticulture & Business Management


This 20-weeks pre-graduation program focuses on becoming a cultivation specialist and/or consultant on a crop of your choice. As an exchange student you will take part in our English-taught study programme Horticulture & Business Management.
Start date
Study duration
20 weeks

About the programme

The courses

1. Business and management (6 ECTS)
Main topics: management, business processes, quality, hrm, data processing

2. Cultivation research (6 ECTS)
Main topics: statistics, breeding, (in vitro) multiplication of a vegetatively multiplicated crop and fertilizing

3. Future farming 1 / Future farming 1 HBM (6 ECTS)
Main topics: Innovative cultivation systems, circular agriculture, biobased economy, Big data, green health, nutrition and health and sustainable development goals

4. Future farming 2 / Future farming 2 HBM (6 ECTS)
Main topics: Creating a future image for a company based on current and future developments and innovations for a self-selected sector

5. Cultivation Project (2 ECTS)

6. Professional Skill training, PPD (1 ECTS)

How to apply as an exchange student

If you want to apply for this programme please click here for information on the procedure.

Want to know more about exchange?

More info about exchange to the Netherlands, studying at HAS green academy and living in the Netherlands, can be found on our special Study at HAS page.

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