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High Tech Agrosystems


Are you keen to contribute to sustainable and future proof agriculture? And are you interested in how smart technology can be implemented in agricultural settings? Then this exchange programme is for you. 'High Tech Agrosystems': for a better tomorrow!
Start date
Study duration
20 weeks
Learning path

About the programme

The agricultural sector has radically changed over the years. Advanced machinery, expanded scale and higher productivity of equipment have made cultivation more efficient. Yields have increased in various sectors, from dairy farms to greenhouses. Smart technologies like robotics, vision techniques and machine learning help us to further increase yields and improve efficiency.

The agricultural sector is focusing on more than yield and efficiency alone. Sustainability is becoming ever more important. A healthy soil, for example, is the foundation for ecological stability and, therefore, sustainable crop production. Improved knowledge of animal behaviour and health status can improve their wellbeing. Sustainable innovations can also benefit nature’s biodiversity, which is under high pressure from intensive agriculture and climate change. Artificial intelligence and smart technologies can help us tackle challenges likes these and offer many opportunities to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place.

In this exchange programme we will link both fields of expertise. We will collaborate on real-life challenges in the agricultural and environmental sector to increase sustainability, aided by technology.

You will collaborate with students and lecturers from two universities: HAS green academy & Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Students of both universities will learn from each other’s expertise, learn together and develop their professionalism with up-to-date knowledge, expertise and skills in line with current technological developments in the agricultural and environmental sector.

Students, lecturers and partners from the agricultural and technological sector will actively contribute to real-life innovations in a multidisciplinary group project. Practice-based applied research is combined with literature study, stakeholder conversations and application of techniques in developing prototypes. Every student will also work on individual research to deepen their knowledge on a topic of their choice. This individual research is based on the student’s intended future job or education, and focuses on content (biology and technology applied in the agricultural or environmental sector), skills and attitude. To support their individual research performance, the student will be coached by lecturers (HAS & Fontys) and meet professionals from the sector during guest lectures and excursions. The student can proactively ask for guidance from the broad expert panel of HAS and Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences and the partners from the sector, to arrive at a theoretical profound answer to their research question.  

So, are you curious about how we can:

  • use vocalization technology in measuring animal welfare?
  • use virtual plant modelling for harvesting in green houses?
  • use drones in damage estimation of wild animals in arable farming?
  • use vision technique to optimize training sessions in horses?
  • use deep learning in recognizing nutrient deficiency in crops?
  • and many other questions?

Then High Tech Agrosystems is the programme for you!


Learning goals

  • The student knows the agricultural sector from a biological and technological point of view;
  • The student knows how to measure certain parameters in plants and/or animals and how to regulate the environment in order to influence the growth process and/or behaviour;
  • The student has made the link between in-depth theoretical technical knowledge and the agri-food practice and is able to advise clients on the use and application of techniques in the agri-food sector based on experiments, research and prototypes.


Admission requirements

60 credits in the first academic year, 40 credits in the second academic year.

How to apply as an exchange student

If you want to apply for this programme please click here for information on the procedure.

Want to know more about exchange?

More info about exchange to the Netherlands, studying at HAS green academy and living in the Netherlands, can be found on our special Study at HAS page.

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