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Circular Agriculture


The minor 'Circular Agriculture' is a great opportunity for you to make a valuable contribution to a more sustainable and and futureproof agrifood sector. Innovative production systems will facilitate the transition to being circular and sustainable, while ensuring an honest living for everyone.
Start date
Study duration
20 weeks
Learning path

About the programme

​​During this minor, you will contribute to and create a vision for a futureproof and circulair agri-food system. The agricultural and food sector face significant changes and challenges: economical, ecological, technological and societal. Generating a future-proof system will require change. During the minor you will explore how you can improve the system or come up with a better system. Possibilities can be found in cooperating within the sector and innovating, circulair and more robust systems.  

​With real-life cases from innovative companies, you will make a valuable contribution to an improved and more sustainable agri-food system. In addition to group work on this project, you will come up with your own realistic vision for a future-proof agri-food system. The lectures will be given by experts in the field of agri-food, sustainability, business models, etc. Your input just might make the difference!​ 

Learning goals

Specific learning objectives include:

  • applying systems thinking in practical situations;
  • learning to understand drivers that have led to Agri-food production systems;
  • learning to apply knowledge about innovations in the short, medium and long term (i.e. at the operational, tactical and strategic levels);
  • learning about demonstrating the effects of circularity in the Agri-food chain.

Admission requirements

To enroll in this exchange programme you:

  • Have completed your first year of study.
  • Have 40 ECTS of the 2nd year of study.

How to apply as an exchange student

If you want to apply for this programme please click here for information on the procedure.

Want to know more about exchange?

More info about exchange to the Netherlands, studying at HAS green academy and living in the Netherlands, can be found on our special Study at HAS page.

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