About HAS Training and Consultancy

HAS Training and Consultancy is part of HAS University of Applied Sciences and focuses on the business market. With applied research and consultancy, we serve mainly companies and government institutions in the agribusiness, food, environmental and green sector.

When you hire HAS Knowledge Transfer and Training, you benefit from professional research facilities and a large network. We are the first to hear about developments and the daily goings-on in the food industry, animal husbandry and Livestock Farming, environment, horticulture and green spaces.

HAS Business Courses

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HAS In-Company Training

HAS In-Company Training is the leading training institute for professional doers at Higher Professional Education level.  We help ambitious professionals grow in their careers.

Our In-Company Training courses are developed in close collaboration with partners and clients. Specialist teachers from HAS University of Applied Sciences and guest lecturers from inside the industry provide instruction and excursions. They will continually challenge students to apply directly all newly provided knowledge and trained skills.

Our approach is therefore “learning should be like work.” This means that the real-life practice and application of knowledge are always central. Such application can take place on business premises or in the HAS facilities for research and testing. In addition, work visits are also part of the training, and a lot of attention is spent on training personal skills such as presenting, discussing and participating in peer review sessions.

We continue to invest in our training programmes and in (long-term) relationships with our clients. And successfully so: our current clients reward our approach with an 9.5 for customer satisfaction (survey by CEDEO).