HAS Facilities

Horticultural and farming facilities



In the gardens of HAS University of Applied Sciences vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, houseplants, garden plants and trees are cultivated by students of HAS University of Applied Sciences. The gardens provide ample opportunity for growing and cultivating greenery, and an excellent base for crop research and trials.


HAS University of Applied Sciences possesses 1500 m2 of greenhouse space, divided into 15 sections. Climate regulation and water supply can be controlled individually, which makes it ideal for horticultural research and plant cultivation. There are four divisions available for hydroponic cultivation, two sections with ebb and flow system for potted plants and several sections equipped for market gardening. Additionally, we have furnished several sections in the greenhouses for crop research, fully fitted with the requisite equipment.

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Facilities for Food Technology

Why invest in a pilot plant when the latest facilities are available on a flexible basis at HAS University of Applied Sciences? At a competitive price food technology companies can perform tests or have them performed under professional guidance, or organise courses or symposia.
HAS University of Applied Sciences owns five pilot plants for food technology teaching, which are equipped with the latest specific technology: a Dairy, Bakery, Butcher Shop, Brewery and a Vegetable & Fruit Factory. Here, experiments are performed of a process-based or product-technical nature. The great strength of our pilot plants is that the equipment for all departments can be combined and interchanged. This results in an unlimited number of applications and possibilities. All departments have standard amenities such as electricity (220 and 380V), steam (2 and 8 bar), pressurised air and water (hot and cold).

Facilities and technology for animal farming

In our technology hall with facilities for animal and livestock farming there are a great many configurations and simulations that are used for technological research in this sector. We also make these facilities available to companies for research or experiments.
Uses for these facilities include:
  • Measuring air quality in animal housing
  • Creating drinking water facilities with medicine
  • Determining milk quality with relation to food safety
  • Creating of automated processes
  • Researching various forms of alternative energy
  • Regulating the climate in greenhouses, animal housing and product storage.
These facilities are also available to support your research.

Facilities for environmental technology research

HAS University of Applied Sciences possesses a well-equipped hall with test beds for environmental research in the areas of water, soil and air. This hall contains arrangements for various purposes including:
  • Water treatment
  • Aerobic water purification
  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • Separation techniques
  • Air purification
  • Waste disposal
The analytical equipment necessary to monitor and control these processes is also present. This space is for hire either with or without equipment for research and courses or symposia.


Facilities and rooms for seminars and symposia

Looking for a suitable location for a meeting, symposium or course in a modern, welcoming academic environment? At HAS University of Applied Sciences you will find what you are looking for. For large events, such as lectures, conferences or seminars, our Pavilion is available. This space is well-equipped, has a pleasant natural light and can accommodate 200 visitors. It is also possible to use our internal courtyard, the lecture theatres, meeting rooms and classrooms.