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Full transparancy

In 2006 the Dutch Higher Professional Education (‘HBO’) Council unanimously passed the HBO Sector Code of Governance. The Code includes rules for good governance and supervision and stakeholder involvement with education and research. HAS University of Applied Sciences considers it part of its social responsibility to be fully accountable and transparent in all university matters. We are engaged in dialogue on this matter with all relevant stakeholders, in accordance with the Sector Code of Governance. Important provisions of this code concern the responsibilities, roles and tasks of the Board of Governors and the Board of Trustees.

In accordance with the HBO Sector Code of Governance, we also boast a remuneration report, integrity code and harassment complaints procedure. HAS University of Applied Sciences strives for full transparency in supervision and governance. The web page HAS University of Applied Sciences/Organisation details the organisational structure of HAS University of Applied Sciences and the composition of the Excecutive Board and Board of Trustees.