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  • HAS students are internationally-oriented. 94% of HAS students believes international experience is important for their own development (HAS survey, 2016).
  • Former international exchange students are half as likely to be long-term unemployed than students with no international experience (Erasmus impact study, 2014)
  • Dutch food and agribusiness sector is more international than any other sector in the Netherlands and further internationalisation will bring even more benefits (CBS, 2016)

    "We want our students to become internationally competent professionals"


Elspeth Jones’ (2013) 10 elements for integration of internationalisation into education have been translated into 10 success factors for HAS internationalisation. Internationalisation will be implemented following these 10 factors.

“Internationalisation is the most normal thing in the world”. HAS internationalisation is an integral part of our primary processes: education, research and knowledge transfer. All departments will implement internationalisation in their processes according to the 10 success factors.


The 10 success factors are translated into HAS internationalisation projects.

Internationalisation policy 2020


Irene Payens

Beleidsmedewerker Internationalisering


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