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Partner institutions

Harvard Universities Building

HAS University of Applied Sciences has partner institutions abroad with whom we cooperate on student mobility, staff mobility, teaching mobility, projects, joint research and/or joint modules.

Erasmus+ exchange partners

With partner institutions from the EU/ EER we have established Inter-Institutional Agreements within the Erasmus+ Programme that reflect the details of the cooperation. The Inter-Institutional Agreement states, among others, the following:

  • To which study programme(s) the agreement applies
  • The number of exchangeable students/ staff/ lecturers
  • Duration of the mobility
  • The type of mobility (study, traineeship, staff and/or teaching)
  • Duration of the agreement

Worldwide exchange partners

Besides the partners within the Erasmus + Programme, HAS University of Applied Sciences also has partner institutions with whom we have settled agreements through Memorandums of Understanding. These memorandums contain similar elements as the above-mentioned Inter-Institutional Agreements, but are considered to be a declaration of the mutual intention and willingness to further elaborate cooperation.

Check out a current overview of our partner institutions on our special bachelor programmes website.

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