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Students in self-study greenhouse - HAS University of Applied Sciences

Are you looking for a trainee/intern for your company and/or do you want to know more about the study programmes we offer? You can read more information on our study programmes in the brochures below and if you have any questions, please contact the internship coordinator directly by e-mail.

Internship at HAS University of Applied Sciences

Internship are a mandatory part of the curriculum at HAS University of Applied Sciences. Apart from doing a internship in the Netherlands, all Dutch students are obliged to complete a internship abroad. International students usually choose to do their internship in a Dutch company, but are also allowed to choose a company abroad.

The period of a internship abroad is different per study programme, but varies between 6 and 20 weeks. You can download the various brochures for the study of your choice.

If you have general questions, or you are not sure which Internship Coordinator to contact, you can contact Mrs. Gemma Hermes of the department of International Affairs at

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